Introducing the LMX 64: French Performance eMTB Lands In North America

September 27, 2023 — LMX, a French manufacturer of high-performance ebikes, has announced a partnership with North American distributor DIAN Inc. to sell its exciting LMX 64 eMTB model in the USA and Canada.

Founded in 2016 and located in the southeast of France, LMX is a passionate company that proudly designs, manufactures and hand-assembles its models in-house.


The LMX 64 is a high-performance eMTB with electric pedal assist and a motorcycle-style twist throttle. Rated as a Class 2 ebike with a speed limit of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a peak power output of 750 watts (500 in Canada), the LMX 64 can be modified to produce 2,500W of peak power and a top speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) for off-road or competition use.

The most innovative feature on the 64 is LMX’s patented dual-freewheel transmission. This setup features a conventional pedal chain drive on the right side of the bike and a motor-driven belt drive on the left, thus reducing stress on the chain drive compared to typical ebikes. The motor uses a torque sensor to generate just the right amount of assisted power while the rider is pedalling. Alternatively, rider can also choose to operate the bike using only the throttle, just like a motorcycle.

Three riding modes are selectable via buttons on the handlebar: the first mode is pedal-assist only, while the other two offer a blend of pedal assistance and throttle. An 850wH battery provides up to 100 km of range in pedal-assist mode and up to 40 km using the throttle. A portable charger plugs directly into a conventional wall outlet.

The 64 features high-level components including Rockshox suspension, Formula Cura 4-e brakes, an SRAM 11-speed cassette, Schwalbe Eddy Current off-road tires and Wellgo premium aluminum pedals. Additional highlights include a button-adjustable telescopic seat post and a colour LCD screen. A custom aircraft-grade aluminum frame brings it all together in an aggressively styled, high-performance platform.


The advanced electric powertrain of LMX products can be attributed to a collaboration with Spark Racing Technologies, a global leader in electric racing with a background in Formula E. The LMX 64 is on the cutting edge of electric technology, packed with high-spec parts and backed by a savvy team with great attention to detail.

For a limited time, eager enthusiasts can place a $100 deposit at to become one of the first to own the LMX 64 in North America. Retail price is $7,499 USD ($9,999 CAD), with availability in dealerships and online starting in December of 2023. Color options are black/red, black/gray, and white/gray.

Visit to see our dealer map and learn more about the exciting LMX 64.



  • Class 2 ebike certification (750W/20 mph)
  • Modifiable for 2,500W/28 mph (off-road/competition use only)Dual transmission - separate drives for pedal & motor
  • Torque sensor for precise power delivery
  • 191 N.M. of torque
    Motorcycle-style handlebar-mounted throttle
  • 100 km max battery range
  • Button-adjusted telescopic seat post
  • Designed & manufactured in Fran
  • Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • Rockshox ZEB front fork (fully adjustable)
  • Rockshox rear shock  (fully adjustable)
  • Formula Cura 4-e brakes
  • SRAM 11-42 cassette
  • Schwalbe Eddy off-road tires
  • Wellgo premium aluminum pedals
  • 1,000wH battery
  • Color LCD screen



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