It's Power. It's Control.

It's the Ultimate e-Mountain Bike

E-bike Agility. All-Terrain Freedom

Featuring a potent 2500W motor and an impressive maximum torque of 170 N.m, this e-bike delivers unmatched acceleration for off-road adventures. Its lightweight design ensures agility, providing nimble maneuverability on any terrain. Experience true motorcycle-like power in the agile frame of the LMX 64.

Dual Transmission Patented Technology

With LMX, you’re not just riding; you’re commanding the untamed.  By combining a regular pedal chain drive with a motor-driven belt on the opposite side, it effectively minimizes strain on the chain drive. Moreover, the separate chain for pedal assist and throttle ensures less wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for adventurers looking to push their limits. Experience the rush of freedom with LMX 64 today.

Throttle or Pedal: Your Ride, Your Rules

Now control is in your hands – whether you’re seeking an energizing pedal-assisted ride through scenic trails or the effortless acceleration provided by the throttle (without pedal assist) for steep climbs and high-speed adventures. Tailor your ride to your day, your mood, and your needs, effortlessly switching between modes with our intuitive controls. 

Race Proven, Perfected for You

Every aspect of the LMX 64 is designed and tested by riders for riders. From the dual transmission patented technology to its airplane-grade aluminum frame, we’ve sifted through every detail to ensure that the LMX 64 stands as a testament to our commitment to quality and performance. It’s not just built; it’s perfected for you.

Hand Built in France