LMX 64

A premium eMTB with a patented dual transmission and an aggressive off-road design.

LMX: now in north america

LMX (which stands for Light Motocross) is a premium French manufacturer of high-performance electric two-wheeled products. Marrying the benefits of ebikes and lightweight motorcycles, LMX offers lightweight, reliable, performance-oriented ebikes that can tackle all terrain.

Dual Freewheel Transmission

LMX’s exclusive dual freewheel transmission features a conventional pedal chain drive on the right side and a motor-driven belt drive on the left. Combined with a pedaling torque sensor, this setup reduces weight and minimizes stress on the chain. Choose pedal assist or throttle - or both! - and enjoy the ultimate ride!

Premium Components

Based in France, LMX has earned a reputation for quality, performance, accessibility and reliability. Sourcing components from brands like Rockshox, Schwalbe and Formula Cura ensure quality is never compromised.

Spark Racing Technology & LMX Bikes

Since 2020, LMX Bikes has collaborated with Spark Racing Technology, a major player in electric motorsports, working hand-in-hand through a common vision: the development of powerful and innovative e-bikes. The sharing of their combined knowledge and individual resources has enabled the development of new electric vehicles at the cutting edge of technology.


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